A developed India stands proudly before the universe-President Draupadi Murmu

Amaravati: The successes that the people of the country are seeing today are an extension of the policies followed by the government for the last 10 years. President Draupadi Murmu addressed the members of both houses for the first time in the new Parliament building. We have been hearing the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ since childhood, but now for the first time in our life we are witnessing the eradication of poverty on a large scale. The final budget session of NDA-II led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi began on Wednesday with President Draupadi Murmu’s speech. On this occasion, the achievements of the central government were explained. President Draupadi Murmu said that a developed India stands proudly on the four pillars of youth power, women power, farmers, and the poor. This is my first speech in the new Parliament building.. He reminded me that this great building was built at the beginning of the Amrita period.. He said that it has the fragrance of ‘One India, Best India’, and there is a determination to respect democratic and parliamentary traditions. The President said that there is a determination to build new traditions for the new India of the 21st century and he is confident that meaningful discussions on policies will take place in this new building. Amrita Mahotsav was celebrated on the occasion of completion of 75 years since our constitution came into force and we remembered the freedom fighters who fought tirelessly for the country. On this occasion, President Draupadi Murmu praised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. The budget meetings of the Parliament will be held from January 31 to February 9.

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