The High Court handed over the case of theft in the court to the CBI

Nellore: Reacting strongly to the case of missing files in the District Court, the High Court ordered an inquiry with the CBI into the case of missing files. The 4th Additional Judicial Magistrate Court in the Nellore District Court Complex was robbed on April 13 in the late night. In 2017, the current Agriculture Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy accused Somireddy having thousands of crores of assets abroad. Somireddy complained to the police that the documents shown on Kakani were fake. The case has been going on in the court since then. On April 13, a thief broke into the court and stole some items and files. It contains important documents and electronic items related to the case. The following morning, the court staff, who detected the theft, said in the complaint that the files at the Chinnabazar police station court had disappeared. Regarding the theft case, the then principal district judge gave a detailed report on the incident. The Principal District Judge expressed many doubts in the report. It has been stated in the report that no checks were made with the dog squad at the place of the incident and fingerprints and footprints were not collected on the doors broken by the accused. The High Court, which took this report as a summary, took a crucial decision on the file corruption case today.


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