Issuance of Sarvadarshan timeslot tokens will resume in Tirupati from November 1

Tirumala: According to the decision of the TTD board of trustees, for the convenience of the devotees, the issuance of free Sarvadarshanam timeslot tokens will be resumed in Tirupati from November 1, TTD EO AV Dharma Reddy said. A media conference was held at Tirumala’s Annamaiya building on Friday. On this occasion, EO said that the issue of Sarvadarshanam tokens in Tirupati was temporarily stopped on April 12 this year. He said that these are being restarted as per the request of the devotees. It was explained that Sarvadarshanam tokens will be issued at Bhudevi Complex, Srinivasam, and the second satra behind the railway station. He said that 20,000 to 25,000 tokens will be made available to the devotees on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and 15,000 tokens on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It was explained that the tokens for any day visit will be granted on the same day and the counters will be closed once the quota is completed. He said that the engineering officials have been instructed to make arrangements for computers, cameras, Aadhaar registration system, drinking water, queue lines etc. in these counters. Devotees who do not have tokens can reach Tirumala directly and visit Swami through Vaikuntham Queue Complex-2.

Change in brake darshan time on an experimental basis from 1st December: – The EO said that the break darshan time will be changed to 8 am to enable the devotees who wait at night in the Vaikuntham queue complex to have a quick darshan in the morning. This decision will be implemented experimentally from December 1. Due to this, there is a possibility for devotees to reach Tirumala from Tirupati every day and have a break darshan, and the pressure on the rooms in Tirumala will be reduced, he said.

Room booking facility in Madhavam for Srivani Trust Donors:- The EO said that Srivani Trust donors are being given an opportunity to book rooms at Madhavam in Tirupati, which will come into effect from December 1. Offline tickets will also be granted to Srivani Trust donors on Madhavam itself.


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