Trains stopped for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s convoy

Amaravati: Opposition parties are furious over the stopping of trains for Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s convoy to travel without any hassle. Bihar BJP leader and Union Minister Ashwini Choubey responded and expressed his grief over the inconvenience caused to the passengers. He said that he will ask the Railway Minister to conduct a high-level investigation into the incident. Nitish Kumar is organizing a political campaign called Samadhaan. The concerned sources stated that this trip is being done to know the problems of the people and solve them. Went to guest house from police lines in Buxar on Wednesday. Patna-Buxar local train, Kamakhya Express trains were stopped at the outer signal so that the convoy could cross the railway crossing continuously. The passengers became impatient as the trains were stopped suddenly. Some passengers went to the railway station and stopped the officials.


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