Why should we not penalize you for filing such a petition-Supreme

Amaravati: The Supreme Court rejected a petition seeking a direction to inaugurate the new Parliament building by the President instead of the Prime Minister. On Friday, vacation bench judges JK Maheshwari and PS Narasimha expressed reluctance to investigate the lawsuit filed by lawyer CR Jayasukin on Thursday. On this occasion, the court made key comments, We do not understand why you are coming with such petitions. Justice Narasimha said that we are not interested in receiving it under Article 32. The Supreme Court asked the petitioner why we should not penalize him for filing such a petition. The judges said in this matter, We do not want to interfere in this matter. This is not a matter for the court to interfere with. The Supreme Court held that the Executive Head (Pradhani) is a Member of Parliament. The Constitutional Head (President) is part of the Parliament. The Supreme Court said that the petition will be dismissed. Later, the lawyer sought permission to withdraw the petition, but the judge gave permission to withdraw the petition.

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