Will Chandrababu be arrested in the AP Skill Development Scam case anytime soon?-sajjal

Amaravati: State government advisor Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy has made sensational comments that TDP president Chandrababu may be arrested anytime in AP skill development scam case. The Supreme Court dismissed the stay granted by the State High Court on the SIT set up by the Jagan government.On this occasion on Wednesday, he said to the media, can we review the decisions taken by the political parties and the government? Or? That is always a topic of discussion.. He said that when some selfish decisions of the previous government caused damage to the people, there should be a review.
Sajjala reminded that the sit was formed only after our government formed a sub-committee and discussed it in the assembly. He made it clear that this decision was not a partisan decision taken by us.
He said that the fear of TDP leaders can be seen only in challenging the formation of SIT in the High Court. Why did they get scared and go to the courts and get a stay by citing technical reasons? The TDP leaders were put down.
Rajdhani Kumbakonam:- Real estate scam was named after the capital Amaravati. Where did you see the evil in Amaravati… They put capital where there was no opportunity to put capital…

Chandrababu Arrest Anytime:- Chandrababu is likely to be arrested anytime in Skill Development Scam…If he is arrested it will be called Harassment… They say you have no courage if you don’t do it…
What are you talking about? They said sarcastically that they have two fours.Cases are being investigated…Arrests will definitely happen.. There is solid evidence of Chandrababu’s corruption…There is fear in father and son because they have done wrong… They objected that they were speaking boldly.

Stay lifted on SIT:- The AP government has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the policy decisions of the TDP government… The High Court stayed the formation of the SIT…The state government has challenged the High Court decision in the Supreme Court…The Supreme Court, which inquired into this, struck down the interim order passed by the High Court, staying the SIT… The Supreme Court of the country has directed the High Court to hear this case once again on the basis of merit and issue a final decision.
The Supreme Court made important comments during the trial. Is it reasonable to stop the investigation at the initial stage? She asked.. It has been revealed that the High Court had earlier intervened in the matter and hence the interim orders are being dismissed.

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