1000 birds died in Mumbai due to Manjadaram

Amaravati: As the festival of Sankranti approaches, youths use the banned Chinese manjadara to fly kites. China’s Manjadaram also sacrifices human lives. Even the birds lose most of their lives due to the wrapping of the manjadar, and their wings and legs get injured and become limp. Within two days, 1,000 birds died in Mumbai, and another 800 were seriously injured. Bird lovers have organized 25 free bird medical camps across the city of Mumbai. Special treatment is being given to the injured birds in these centers. More than 500 birds were rescued in Dahisar, Borivali, Kandiwali, and Malad areas. The legs of some birds are seriously injured and they are unable to fly. Bird lovers said that such things will be kept in separate shelters and monitored. After the treatment, some birds flew into the air. Bird lovers said that China Manja is dangerous, and there has been a widespread campaign on the social media platform this year not to use this thread. They said that they are losing their lives due to this manjadaram hitting the birds and it is also becoming dangerous for humans.

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