4 lakh Indians who will lose their lives without getting US green card

Amaravati: Every year millions of immigrants from different countries wait for the green card issued by America. A survey revealed that due to the delay in green card issuance, nearly 4 lakh Indians will end their lives without receiving the card. According to the report given by Cato Institute of America, the details are as follows.. It has been said that there are about 11 lakh Indian applications for green card pending at the American Employment Office, and it seems impossible for all of them to get a green card now. It has been revealed that a total of 18 lakh green card applications are pending with the US Department of Employment, out of which 63 percent of the applications are from Indians. In addition to this, green cards linked to the family system are pending up to about 83 lakhs. It has been revealed that waiting will become a life sentence for Indians who have applied for a new green card. At present, it takes about 134 years to clear the applications with that department. According to the report, about 4,24,000 people will end their lives waiting for a green card, 90 percent of whom are Indians.

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