Joe Biden was caught after slipping on the stairs

Amaravati: After completing his visit to Ukraine and Poland, US President Joe Biden slipped on the stairs while boarding Air Force One (plane) and went inside. The incident of Joe Biden slipping on the flight stairs is going viral on social media. The security personnel breathed a sigh of relief as there was no danger to him in this incident. Incidents like Joe Biden having to go to one side after speaking on the platforms, going to the other side, as well as coming from behind to greet other heads of state when they are on the platforms are common for Shara…Incidents of leg slips In 2021, he slipped and fell while leaving Georgia. Later in 2022, he lost his balance while climbing the steps of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base. Also, Joe Biden stumbled while taking steps before going to Los Angeles to attend the US Summit. Those who are the President of the country take a lot of care in the matter of fitness.. Such problems are common for people who have grown up in age…Jobain’s body is not cooperating, it’s a pity..?

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