A huge threat has been missed on the Jammu and Kashmir highway as the security forces have been alerted

Amaravati: Bomb disposal squad neutralized explosives planted by terrorists as a target by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. The Advances Road Septicchecking Team went to the area on Monday morning at Jangam Plyvar on the Srinagar-Baramulla National Highway as part of routine checking. A bag was found under the flyover bridge.. Bomb disposable squad teams were immediately informed.. They immediately reached the spot and defused the bomb. This is a big risk. If this explosion had occurred, there would have been a huge loss. As the explosives were detected early, the security forces completely stopped the traffic on the road. Convoys of security forces travel on this route at dawn. In this background, the officials are estimating that they have targeted them and planted explosives.

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