4 people were arrested for releasing smoke with tins inside and outside Parliament

Amaravati: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla reacted to the fact that a person jumped into the Lok Sabha from the public gallery in the Parliament and another person left some kind of smoke from the gallery to create terror. Addressing the Lok Sabha on this occasion, he assured the members of Parliament that no one can stop them from holding the functions of the House. Speaking about the security failure, the Speaker said, “This incident took place in the zero hour of the House.The Lok Sabha and Delhi Police are investigating the incident. In the preliminary investigation, we have found that there is no need to worry because of the smoke,” said the speaker. Two suspects (Sagar Sharma, Manoranjan from Karnataka) who were involved in the attack have been arrested and their belongings have been seized. The woman, Neelam (42) from Hisar, Haryana, who was protesting outside the Parliament building with containers emitting yellow smoke, has been identified as Amol Shinde (25) from Latur, Maharashtra, police said. (Are the names of these four real? Full details related to them need to be revealed in the deep investigation of the police).

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