Bystanders released tear gas in Lok Sabha

Amaravati: During the session of the Lok Sabha, two assailants jumped into the house from the visitors’ gallery and released tear gas. They raised slogans to protect the constitution. The speaker of the panel immediately adjourned the meeting. Not knowing what was going on, the MPs ran out of fear. In this, a bystander ran towards the chair towards the speaker.. The police immediately arrested the accused. In 2001 there was a terrorist attack on the Parliament. As this incident took place 22 years after the attack, there was deep concern among all. Visuals of parliamentarians climbing on the tables where the members of parliament sit and walking around everywhere have been recorded in the parliament CCTV.. The members of the assembly were shocked as this incident took place during the zero hour. The police believe that tear gas was released from the shoes of the bystanders. Speaker Om Birla ordered a full investigation into the incident.. With this incident, the entire Parliament premises was filled with yellow color.

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