40 gold biscuits seized from a pond in Nadia district-The value is Rs.2.57 crores

Amaravathi: The Border Security Force (BSF) has recovered 40 gold biscuits weighing 4.6 kg worth Rs 2.57 crore from a small pond in West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas, a security force official said. The details given by the BSF officer are as follows…. Earlier, a man escaped by jumping into a pond in North 24 Parganas while being chased by the police while smuggling gold. Fearing that the police would be around, the smuggler hid the 40 gold biscuits he had in the pond. After that, the police arrested the smuggler and questioned him about the gold. The police had to leave him in the wrong situation. It has been almost 6 months since this incident happened. Two days later, the BSF officials entered the field after getting information that there were gold biscuits in the pond. BSF personnel searched the bag with metal detector and found the bag containing gold.


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