59 lakh tones of lithium reserves in India

Amaravati: The Geological Survey of India has found that there are about 59 lakh tones of lithium reserves in India. The Union Ministry of Mines has announced that these reserves are located in the Salal Hyman area of ​​Reasi district in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The Ministry of Mines has identified a total of 51 fields across the country. They have been handed over to the respective state governments. In the searches conducted by the Survey of India, gold deposits were found in all five fields. Potash, molybdenum, and other basic metals were identified in the remaining areas. These reserves are located in Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Orissa. These have been identified on the basis of surveys conducted during the year 2018-19. Survey of India has handed over 7,897 million tons of coal and lignite mines in 17 places to the Union Ministry of Coal. Lithium is widely used in the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries. The government has been promoting the manufacture of electric vehicles for the past few years. At present India imports metals like Lithium, Nikhil, and Cobalt from abroad. With the discovery of lithium reserves in Jammu and Kashmir, the electric vehicle manufacturing sector will get more strength in the future. It will be easier to provide domestic vehicles at low prices. Apart from electric vehicles, lithium also plays a vital role in the manufacture of smart phones. Prices of domestically manufactured phones are likely to decrease further.


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