SSLV-D2 rocket successfully launched 3 satellites into specified orbit

Amaravati: SSLV-D2 rocket successfully launched 3 satellites weighing 334 kg from Sriharikota in Tirupati district into the specified orbit. The countdown began at 2.48 am on Friday morning from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota. After a countdown of 6.30 hours, SSLV-D2 blasted off from the first launch pad at Shar at 9.18 am. ISRO’s 156.3 kg earth observation satellite EOS-07 launched by SSLV-D2 rocket, Azadi SAT-02 satellite weighing 8.7 kg was designed by the students of our country under the auspices of SpaceKidz India, The 11.5 kg Janus-01 satellite belonging to America’s Antares was sent into a circular orbit of 450 km around the Earth. The first SSLV rocket, launched on August 7 last year, failed at the last minute due to lack of signal from the satellites.

They are preparing to send 36 satellites into Ninggi through LVM.3 rocket launch in the month of March, ISRO Chairman S. Somnath stated that there will be an experimental launch of Gagan An in the month of May along with another SSLV in the month of April. With the success of this launch, India will enter the global space trade market. ISRO has achieved the honor of launching small satellites belonging to the countries of the world into space at a low cost.


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