A court has commuted the death sentence of ex-naval officers in Qatar to imprisonment

Amaravati: 8 ex-naval officers from India who were working in an organization called Al Dahra in Qatar, and were accused of espionage and were sentenced to death, received a major reprieve from the court on Thursday. India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has said that a Qatari court has given a key verdict staying the death sentence on the Indian government’s appeal. It is said that their death sentence has been reduced to imprisonment. The Ministry of External Affairs of India said that the complete details regarding this verdict are not yet known, and they are discussing this issue with the Qatari authorities. He said that the reduction of the death sentence of 8 Indians to imprisonment is a good development, but it is not yet clear on the issue of how many days the sentence has been imposed. Officials said that since the beginning, they have supported the families of 8 people, and it is a sensitive matter, so it is not appropriate to talk about it more than this.

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