The humanity of the people of Odisha who donated blood voluntarily cannot be forgotten-C.S.P.K Jena

Amaravati: Hundreds of passengers were killed and more than that number were seriously injured in the fatal train accident that took place in Odisha on Friday evening. The humanity shown by the people of Odisha made the people of the country bow down. Officials admitted the injured passengers to various hospitals in Odisha for treatment. Treating so many people at once is a tall order, but at the same time blood transfusions are required for those who are bleeding due to injuries. Seeing the situation, around 2 thousand local people reached Baleswara Medical College and Hospital during the night and donated blood. Also in the rest of the hospital, hundreds of locals and policemen came forward voluntarily and donated blood. Doctors said that 500 units of blood were collected at midnight in Baleswara and another 900 units of blood were available. The Odisha government revealed that people are still flocking to donate blood. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik thanked the people who donated blood to the injured victims in the time of need. Odisha Chief Secretary PK Jena thanked the volunteers for their blood donation in difficult times.

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