New Municipal Commissioner Vikas Marmat is on good speed

Nellore: Vikas Marmat (IAS) who has taken charge as the new Commissioner of Nellore City Corporation is on good speed. Thursday 12.30 hrs.. Took charge.. After receiving compliments from the staff for some time, he started working to understand the status of the corporation in his own style without putting on a batakhana with the staff. He warned that there will be sudden inspections in the secretariats and action will be taken if the staff are negligent in their duties. We have to wait and see how long the district leaders will make the new commissioner work in his own style.. this Nellore district??
On this occasion, he told the media that along with the staff of all departments of Nellore city government, he will work for the development of the corporation with the cooperation of public representatives and the people of the city. Wished for. Later, the commissioner met the mayor of the city corporation Mrs. Potluri Sravanti in her chamber and discussed various issues related to the development of the city. On this occasion, he said that the city administration will conduct reviews with all departments and prepare necessary plans for the development of the city. He said that his experience of serving as a senior official in various government departments in the past will be very useful to provide speedy governance and solve public problems quickly.

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