A self-reliant India with modern weapons for the army-PM.Modi

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been celebrating Diwali with soldiers every year since assuming power, has continued his tradition today. Prime Minister Modi reached Kargil to celebrate with the soldiers who are working on the borders for the defense of the country. Speaking on the occasion of Prime Minister’s participation in the Diwali festival celebrations with soldiers in Kargil, Prime Minister Modi praised the services of the army in the defense of the nation. He said that patriotism is equal to piety. Prime Minister Modi praised the soldiers saying that peace and security have been established in the country because of the soldiers and they are protecting us by risking their lives. He said that the people of the country are safe because of the soldiers and he is proud to see the army forces. The Prime Minister described the soldiers as the pillar of defense that protects the country. Celebrating Diwali with the jawans gave him a lot of happiness,” he said. He said that all the military family members are his family members and many military schools have been started for their children. Prime Minister Modi made it clear that India’s indigenous weapons are the most powerful, and that India always sees war as a last resort. Later, Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed sweets to the jawans.


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