A terrible train accident in Greece, 29 people died, 85 people were seriously injured

Amaravathi: Around 29 people lost their lives and more than 85 others were seriously injured in the accident where a goods train collided with a passenger train in Greece. This accident took place in the early hours of Wednesday. According to the severity of the accident, the death toll is likely to increase, according to Vasilis Vartakoyanis, Greece’s fire officer. It was revealed that three bogies were completely destroyed and the derailed bogies rammed into the nearby fields. After getting the information about the accident, his staff reached the spot and took relief measures. The accident took place near the small town of Tempe, 235 miles north of Athens. Authorities said there were about 350 passengers in the train at the time of the accident. As many passengers jumped out of the windows to escape from the accident, officials disclosed that many were injured. The injured have been shifted to a nearby hospital and are undergoing treatment. Fire officials said that rescue operations are ongoing.


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