If we win, we will take India-US relations to the next level-Trump

Amaravati: Former US President Donald Trump has said that if he wins the US presidential election in 2024, he will take the India-US relationship to the next level. Trump said the above while participating in a Diwali dinner held at his Florida resort with Indian-origin Americans from the Hindu wing of the Republican Party. He said that he could not forget the love shown to him by the people there during his visit to India. He said he has good relations with Hindus and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He revealed that if he wins the 2024 elections, he will nominate RJS founder Shalabh Kumar as the US ambassador to India. Will you contest the upcoming elections? He said that it has not been officially announced yet. He said that if he contests, he will definitely win. He said that he has plans for the upliftment of the Indian-American community and that he would not have been able to win the 2016 elections without the support of Hindus in many states.


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