All people should raise awareness about cancer-collector

Nellore: District Collector Chakradhar Babu suggested that all people should be aware of cancer disease, have good eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle by undergoing primary medical check-ups. The Collector flagged off the rally organized at the Government General Hospital (GGH) on Saturday to celebrate the International Cancer Day. In this rally, the district medical health officer Dr. Penhalaya, GGH Superintendent Dr. Sidda Naik, doctors, medical staff, medical students and others participated. A rally was held from GGH to the current office center, holding banners and playing cards, indicating the precautions to be taken against cancer.

Speaking to the media on this occasion, the collector said that he should undergo basic medical examinations from time to time and be aware of cancer to avoid getting cancer. He said that detecting cancer at its initial stage is also the treatment of the disease. He said that there is a need to make people aware of the cancer epidemic that is affecting all countries around the world. He said that the number of cancer patients is increasing every year due to smoking, consumption of tobacco products, drinking and eating habits and many people are dying due to cancer. He said that cancer medical equipment worth 12 crore rupees has been inaugurated in the Red Cross Cancer Hospital recently by the hands of the state governor. The district medical and health department has been ordered to take steps to create awareness and awareness about cancer among all the people and people should also have awareness about this disease. It is commendable to organize this rally under the auspices of District Medical College in honor of International Cancer Day.


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