An older sister who brutally murdered her younger sisters

Amaravati: The incident of killing her own sisters brutally for a momentary pleasure took place in Uttar Pradesh. According to the details revealed to the media by Kanpur Zone IG Prashant Kumar…The family resides in a village in Etawah district. In that family, the eldest daughter Anjali (20) was in a bad condition, her sisters (7), (5) years old.. Anjali thought that her mother, who had gone to the field to cut grass, would tell her mother what had happened to her sisters after returning home. she killed two younger sisters with a shovel which was there. To tamper with the evidence, the blood on the shovel was washed away. Also, she washed and dried the clothes to erase the blood marks on her dress. She acted like she didn’t know what..
The mother reached home around 5 pm and found the door open. When she went inside with suspicion, she saw her two daughters lying dead. The incident was reported to the police. The police reached the spot and interrogated the other members of the house. At the same time, the police noticed that Anjali’s behavior was suspicious, there were blood stains on the clothes lying outside the house, and blood stains on the shovel lying in the corner.
When the police arrested her, she confessed to killing her sisters. The mother burst into tears after knowing what actually happened during the police investigation. Anjali has been detained, a case has been registered and the police are investigating.

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