Annumanam Penubhutam-husband who married his wife

Nellore: There are many examples of incidents that show that if suspicion becomes widespread, the consequences will be dire…In this background; it took place in Nellore district, Podalakuru mandal, Viruvur village. According to C.I…Lakshmi from Viruvur, Jaladanki mandal, Dasarivari kandriga Kotte.Venkateshwarlu was married for less than 20 years. Venkateswarlu and Lakshmi, who have been living in Viruvur since then, have three children. Lakshmi works as an Anganwadi Ayya, serving meals to the children in Mandal Prajaparishtha School in the village.  From the last two years, suspicions started that Venkateshwarlu had an extra-marital affair. Then he kept harassing her. Two months later he tried to kill his wife and she escaped. Venkateshwarlu, who grew angry with his wife’s behavior day by day, followed her on Friday when she went to school to bring food to the children. He attacked her in the school, cut her neck with a knife he had brought with him and ran away. Police said that while the school staff recovered and rushed Lakshmi to Podalakuru hospital, she died on the way. A case has been registered and investigation is underway.


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