Bharat Rice will be sold at Rs 29 per kg – Union Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra

Amaravati: The central government has given good news to the middle class people of the country. Union Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said that rice will be sold at Rs 29 per kg in the retail market from next week. Traders have already been advised to provide information regarding rice storage every Friday. Officials said that the government has taken these measures as part of price control and Bharat Rice will also be sold on e-commerce platforms. Bharat Rice is currently available in 5 and 10 kg packets. Despite restrictions on the export of different types of rice grown in the country, the wholesale and retail prices of rice increased by around 13.8% and 15.7% respectively compared to last year. Central government has brought in agencies to control the prices. In this the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (Nafed), along with the National Consumer Cooperative Federation of India (NCCF) will sell 5 lakh tonnes of ‘Bharat Rice’ under the first phase with subsidy in the retail market through central stores. Chopra said that the central government is already selling ‘Bharat Atta’ at Rs.27.50 per kg and ‘Bharat Dal’ (gram) at Rs.60 per kg. He said that the government has no intention of lifting the current restrictions on rice exports.

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