“Himalayan Gold” is the main reason for China’s infiltration attempts

Amaravati: Why is China trying to sneak into India’s border state of Arunachal? Is it because of the desire to expand the kingdom? No? The main reason.. A report released by the Indo-Pacific Center for Strategic Communications (IPCSP) called ‘Himalayan Gold’, dubbed as the ‘Himalayan Viagra’, makes a surprising point. Cordyceps is a type of mushroom known as caterpillar fungus or Himalayan gold. It has been mentioned in the IPCSP report that it has a higher rate than gold in the world market as well as in China. According to the organization report…”Himalayan Gold” True to its name, it is found only in the Himalayas within India. Also, Himalayan gold is found in the high places of Qinghai, Tibetan Plateau in the southwestern part of China. It is estimated that the price of 10 grams of Himalayan gold will be up to Rs.56 thousand. The report estimated that the price of Himalayan gold per kilo of the same good type would be in lakhs. China is the largest producer and exporter of Himalayan gold in the world. Since few years, Himalayan gold cultivation in Qinghai region of China has been falling badly. In the year 2011, the highest production of 1.50 lakh kg of Himalayan gold was done in China. In 2017, only 43,500 kg of Himalayan gold was produced in China, but in 2018, it decreased to 41,200 kg. As a result, China is eyeing the Himalayan regions of Arunachal Pradesh in order to acquire suitable land for the cultivation of Himalayan gold, according to the report. It has been revealed that the recent provocations by the Dragon Army on the borders of Arunachal have gone too far. Another important thing to note here is that, the main income of the people living in the Himalayan regions, 80 percent comes from the collection of Himalayan gold.


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