Boycott Adipurush, Ban Adipurush is trending on social media

Hyderabad: Prabhas starrer Adipurush, which is gearing up as a pan India movie, has released the teaser of the unit. Directed by Bollywood director Om Raut, this movie is based on Ramayana and stars Prabhas as Rama, Kriti Sanon as Sita and Saif Ali Khan as Ravanasura. Ever since the release of the teaser, criticism of the teaser, the filming of the film, the director and trolls have been trending on social media. Prabhas’ fans are seriously trolling him saying that Ramayana is a toy film and a graphics film. At the same time, where is Ramayana in it? Hindu Sanghas, Hindus and BJP leaders are angry that they don’t know what Ravanasura looks like, and they don’t know what Hanuman looks like. Director Om Raut is furious that they are showing some Hollywood graphics movie saying it is Ramayana and there is not a single sign of Ramayana in it.

All those who have seen the teaser are simultaneously trending on Twitter saying Boycott Adipurush and Ban Adipurush. There is already strong opposing against Bollywood heroes, heroines and directors. It is known that there has been opposing to Bollywood in the last few days called Boycott Bollywood. The main reason for this is the distortion of Hindu gods, myths and Hindu history in Bollywood movies. North as well as South are criticizing that Bollywood heroes and directors are destroying Hindu mythology. Just by watching the teaser of Adipurush, you can understand that the characters of the original Ramayana have nothing to do with what is seen here, that’s why boycott Adipurush and ban Adipurush is trending all over the country. And wait and see what will happen in the coming days?


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