Development is not concentrated in big cities- PM Modi

Amaravati: As development is concentrated in big cities, the problems are increasing at the same level, due to which there is a lot of pressure on these cities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called to pay attention to 2-tier, 3-tier cities and develop them. On Tuesday, Modi was the chief guest at a meeting organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party with mayors from various states. 118 mayors, deputy mayors from various cities under BJP rule attended this meeting. Modi suggested to the BJP mayors that if politics is conducted keeping in mind the elections, the cities will not be able to take a step forward and should develop beyond politics. Elected public representatives should not think only about winning elections. You can’t develop your city with an election-centric approach..He expressed the opinion that leaders do not take decisions to collect revenue sources for cities because they are afraid that many times it will lead to defeat in elections. Also, it is suggested to prepare city development plans without depending on central funds.


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