Bulldozers for security forces to defeat Pakistani terrorists

Amaravati: Special bulldozers have been made available to the soldiers to build games of terrorists invading Indian border villages from Pakistan. The defense department has handed over special bulldozers to the Indian soldiers. Even if they were attacked by terrorists, bullets and bombs, they made sure that the soldiers inside were not harmed. Bunker-like accommodation has been arranged in these to keep the soldiers safe in emergency situations..

These bulldozers are named as anti-terror bulldozers. It is also known as Crisis Situation Response Vehicle or CSRV. Two of these types of CSRVs have been handed over to security forces in Jammu and Kashmir..One is bigger and the other is.. Another small, small street has been made to go easily. A large JCB has been modified to manufacture a large CSRV. It is made of grade 4 metal. It can accommodate four soldiers, a commander and an operator. Special points have been arranged for firing to kill the terrorists. CRPF Commandant MS Bhatia said that the CSRV rotates 180 to 360 degrees and rises to a height of 18 to 20 feet. It has a night vision camera and lights. The commander looks in the camera and says that there are arrangements to give orders to the soldiers. He also said that by using the latest technology, the other side of the wall can also be seen through the thermal cameras installed in it, and the terrorists lurking there can be defeated. It has been revealed that these bulldozers have been manufactured in the country keeping in mind areas like Kashmir, and currently there are only two such bulldozers. These bulldozers have been of great help to the soldiers since they became available to us. He said that after these came, the upper hand was achieved against the terrorists in many incidents.

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