The UP government demolished the gangsters’ building

Amaravati: Uttar Pradesh government is dealing with anti-social forces, criminals and gangsters. On Friday, UP Sarkar demolished the house of MLA Abbas Ansari, who became a gangster in a money laundering raid, with bulldozers. Mau MLA Abbas Ansari has been in jail for the past three months in a money laundering case. His father Abdul Ansari is also a politician. They are residing in a two storied building in Jahangirabad in Mau district. During the construction of the house, the construction of the building was taken up illegally without taking any approval from the local corporation. After realizing this matter, the Mau Municipal Corporation filed a case in the court. The court found that the construction of the building was done against the rules and allowed the corporation to demolish it. The municipal corporation staff, who entered the field with bulldozers on the orders of the court, demolished the building belonging to Abbas Ansari and Umar Ansari. They criticized the Ansari brothers that there was political malice behind the demolition of their house. The corporation officials claimed that there was no political interference in this; at least the building map was not submitted to the planning department of the corporation during the construction of the house. People are expressing happiness on demolishing a gangster’s house with bulldozers.. People are happy about the steps taken by UP CM Yogi Adityanath in the case of criminals.


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