Chief Minister Chandrababu has allocated departments to ministers

Amaravati: After the formation of the new government in the state, the suspense over who will have which departments in the cabinet came to an end at 2.15 pm on Friday. CM Chandrababu Naidu has very carefully allocated which department to whom, keeping in mind the competence of the ministers. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan and Nara Lokesh have been assigned key departments. Anita Vangalapudi, who belongs to the SC community, has been assigned as the Home Minister.
1-Nara Chandrababu-Chief Minister, Law and Order.
2-Pawan Kalyan-Deputy CM, Panchayat Raj, Rural Development, Forest, Environment, Science and Technology Departments.
3-Vangalapudi Anita-Home Ministry.
4-Payyavula Keshav-Finance Department.
5-Nara Lokesh-Human Resource Development, IT Electronics, Communication Departments. 6- Ponguru Narayana – Department of Municipal Administration, Urban Development.
7-Achchennaidu-Department of Agriculture.
8-Nadendla Manohar-Food and Civil Supplies Department.
9-Satyakumar Yadav-Health Department.
10-Nimmala Ramanaidu-Irrigation Department.
11-Mohammed Farooq-Department of Justice, Minority Welfare.
12-Anam Ramanaraya Reddy- Debt Department.
13-I.e. Sathyaprasad-Department of Revenue.
14-Kolusu Parthasarathy-Housing, I &PR Departments.
15-Dola Balaveeranjaneyaswamy-Department of Social Welfare. 16-Gottipati Ravikumar-Department of Electricity.
17-Kandula Durgesh-Tourism and Cultural Departments.
18-Gummadi Sandhyarani- Women, Child Welfare, Tribal Welfare Departments.
19-BC Janarthan-roads, buildings branches.
20-TG Bharat-Department of Industries.
21-S.Savitha-BC Welfare, Handloom and Textiles Departments.
22-Vasamshetty Subhash-Labor, Insurance Medical Services.
23-Kondapalli Srinivas-MSME, SERP, NRI Empowerment Departments.
24- Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy- Transport, Youth and Sports Departments allotted.

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