Radical changes in education system after 36 years- Union Minister Murugan

Amaravathi: Union Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Information Broadcasting L. Murugan said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is bringing radical changes in the education system after 36 years of neglect. Sanna Reddy and Dayakar Reddy, who are contesting as the BJP candidate for the East Rayalaseema graduate constituency, participated in a media conference organized at the BJP district office on Sunday. On this occasion, he said that the education system of a country is important for a country to become a global power. He said that due to the neglect of such a system in the past, the youth of the country could not reach a high level in all fields. Recognizing the flaws in the education system, Prime Minister Modi said that he would not take corrective measures, but he would not initiate changes in primary education as well as higher education.

He said that no steps will be taken to ensure that primary education is done in the mother tongue. He said that if BJP candidate Dayakar Reddy wins in the upcoming graduate MLC elections, he will do his best to bring changes in the education system as soon as possible. BJP leaders Bharat, Suresh Reddy, Surendra Reddy and others participated in this program.


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