China’s conspiracies to influence elections in India with the help of AI-Microsoft

Amaravati: Microsoft has warned that China may interfere in the general elections to be held in India. Microsoft has released a report that the Dragon government is likely to influence the Lok Sabha elections through Artificial Intelligence (AI). India’s election campaign is already getting hot day by day.. In the universal struggle, the parties on one side are making noise with campaigns and public meetings and on the other hand they are doing a social media campaign. Microsoft has revealed that China is preparing to influence the upcoming elections in India, South Korea, and America by using content created with artificial intelligence. It has been said that China is likely to promote AI-based content through social media to manipulate this election to its advantage. Microsoft has expressed concern that memes, videos, and audio can be promoted. It has also warned that China could use deepfake technology to manipulate election campaigns in its favour. The report says that such tricks will have little effect in the general elections.

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