Scorching sun in Telugu states-Don’t come out till 4 o’clock

Amaravati: Temperatures are increasing day by day in Telugu states.. Temperatures are being recorded at 5 degrees above normal. On Saturday, temperatures in 12 districts of Telangana reached 40 degrees, while Ramagundam recorded the highest temperature of 42 degrees. Nizamabad recorded 40 degrees and Hyderabad recorded 39 degrees.
Also, Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh recorded 43 degrees, Kurnool 42 degrees, Tirupati 41 degrees, Nellore and Vijayawada 40 degrees. Officials said that after 2016, the highest temperature was recorded in the month of April. As the intensity of the sun is high, the authorities advised to come out only if necessary and take various precautions to avoid sunburn. He warned that there will be more hailstorms for two days.

According to the IMD forecast, severe hailstorm is expected in 179 mandals and hailstorm in 209 mandals tomorrow. According to Ronanki Kurmanath, Managing Director of Disaster Management Organization, 44 mandals of Ellundi are expected to be severe and 193 mandals are likely to experience hailstorm.

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