Chinese President Xi Jinping came before the people

Amaravati: There has been a stir in the social media all over the world that the army has revolted in China and put the country’s president Xi Jinping under house arrest. Putting an end to such news, Xi Jinping appeared in front of the people in Beijing, the country’s capital, on Tuesday? Chinese government’s official media CCTV has made this clear? Is this the first public appearance of Xi Jinping since the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting 10 days ago? Since the meeting in Samarkand on 16th of this month, Xi Jinping has not been seen anywhere outside. Although there are many rumors and stories about him in the world media, there is no response from the ruling party of China. In this background, the rumors that Xi Jinping has been arrested have gained more strength. Many agencies are expressing doubts on the video released by the Chinese official news agency. Is the video released today?


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