A bomb attack with a truck on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russia

Amaravati: An incident has taken place in Crimea that raises doubts whether Ukraine is acting as a thug? Or whether there is a conspiracy of European countries. Going to the point… Hours after powerful explosions rocked the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, a truck bomb exploded on a bridge linking Russia’s annexed Crimea with Russia. Russian authorities revealed that a part of the bridge collapsed due to an explosion that occurred around 6 am on Saturday. A key road and rail bridge connecting Russia and Crimea. Russian officials said seven fuel tanks being carried by the train were engulfed in flames by a truck bomb explosion. Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee said that the bridge partially collapsed as a result. On this incident, Russian official Oleg Kruchkov said that traffic on the bridge was stopped after this incident and efforts to control the fire are continuing. Pictures and videos of burning bridge and burning fuel tankers have gone viral on social media. The bridge connects the regions of Russia with Crimea in Ukraine. Due to Russia’s war on Ukraine, it serves as a vital bridge for transporting military equipment to Russian soldiers fighting in the south, as well as transporting troops there.

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