Modi is a patriot, India has emerged powerful in all fields-Putin

Amaravati: The countries of the world are currently facing various economic problems, but Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the forward-looking actions of Indian Prime Minister Modi. He commented that Modi is a patriot and under his leadership India has developed a lot. “Modi is a patriot”, his idea of ​​Make India is economically and morally very proud. Modi is a leader with great vision. Putin said that India plays a vital role in world politics. He said that since he became the Prime Minister, India has become powerful in all fields. He said that it has made tremendous progress in becoming a modern state since the British era. He said that Russia has no problem with India and both countries are cooperating with each other in all matters. This will continue in the future as well. He said that as requested by Prime Minister Modi, the supply of fertilizers has been increased and this will be very useful for the progress of the agricultural sector in India.

There is no plan to launch nuclear weapons- Putin made it clear that they have no intention of using nuclear weapons on Ukraine. He said that the Ukraine crisis has arisen as a part of the Western countries’ efforts to protect their dominance over the world. He lashed out at allies, including the US, for playing a dangerous and cruel game to gain control over other countries.


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