Crew module tests for the Gagan An mission

Amaravati: ISRO has taken up the Gaganyaan project to send astronauts into space. ISRO is ready to test the crew module which is crucial in the project. This is the crew module that takes the astronauts back to Earth. Test vehicle Abort Mission-1 (TV-D1) of Gaganyaan Mission has been designed by scientists.. Astronauts go inside unpressurized crew modules. (TV-D1) module is in the final stage of construction, ISRO sources said that after going to an altitude of 17 km, the module will come back to earth as part of an abort sequence. With the help of parachutes, the module will be landed in the sea area 10 kilometers away from Sriharikota. Crew module tests were conducted at the ISRO center in Bangalore. Currently, scientists are preparing for the final examinations in Sriharikota.

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