Employment opportunities for youth with construction of ports and fishing harbor-Collector

Nellore: Collector Chakradhar Babu said that with the construction of ports and fishing harbor in the district, the youth will get employment opportunities on a large scale and the fishermen will get a sustainable income. On Tuesday, the Collector reviewed the progress of Juvvaladinne Fishing Harbor works. On this occasion, the District Collector said that Juvvaladinne Fishing Harbor work is going on in full swing in the already collected 78 acres, all the work is being completed on a war footing basis and all kinds of measures are being taken to dedicate it to the nation at the hands of CM soon. He said that with the construction of Ramayapatnam Port and Juvvaladinne Fishing Harbor, better employment will be provided to the people of the district and sustainable income to the coastal fishermen. Ports and harbors play a prominent role in the all-round development of Nellore district, which has the largest population in the state, he said. He said that a plan has been drawn up to be completed on the stipulated time and accordingly, we are working hard to ensure that the work is done quickly. Similarly, the issues raised by the local fishermen will be brought to the attention of the higher authorities and technical examination will be conducted with the famous IIT research experts, he said. Similarly, efforts will be made to set up port-based industries, road construction for access to the harbor and other development works will also be undertaken soon.


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