Gangster Sanjeev comes in the guise of a lawyer and shoots Jeeva-Died on the spot

Amaravati: Gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari Jiva was present for the trial at Lucknow SP and ST, and he died on the spot when the thugs fired at Jiva from close range outside the court. Information that the thug who shot at Sanjeev was disguised as a lawyer.. (Sanjeev Maheshwari Jeeva started life as a compounder in a hospital.. He became a member of the underworld with contacts made with mafia leaders). Along with Mukhtar Ansari, Sanjeev Jeeva is also an accused in the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Roy. Jiva, an accused in BJP leader Brahmadut Dwivedi’s murder case, was brought to the Lucknow court on Wednesday for questioning. This shooting happened at this time. A young woman was also injured in the firing. Several criminal cases have also been registered against gangster Sanjeev.

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