I will fight until justice is done to the breadwinners-pawan

Amaravati: Janasena Party president Pawan Kalyan visited the farmers whose crops were damaged by untimely rains and inspected the sprouted grains in Kadiam Avala of Rajahmundry Rural Constituency of East Godavari District. The farmers told Pawan that they have speeded up the purchase of grain because you are coming. Pawan Kalyan has promised to fight till justice is done to the rice donors. They were going to go to the wall saying that they still had to cut the cuttings, they were not giving sacks. Tenant farmers shed tears saying that millers are finding farmers in the name of Nuka, Transport. He expressed his grief that the situation has come to sell grain as much as they can get. Pawan talked to the farmers and inquired about the problems faced by the farmers. Along with the crop loss due to untimely rains, the farmers brought to Pawan’s notice the problems they were facing in purchasing grain. Janasena Party President Pawan Kalyan, who reached Rajahmundry Airport on Wednesday, inspected the damaged agricultural lands in Rajahmundry Rural Constituency’s mustard lands via Bommur-Rajavolu of Rajahmundry city.

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