If you make a comment about me as a package star, I will hit you with a shoe-pawan

Amaravati: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan fired at YCP leaders after showing them that he would hit him with a shoe. In a meeting held with the party leaders at the Janasena office in Mangalagiri on Tuesday, Pawan lashed out at the YCP leaders in a serious manner. He made it clear that he has been patient all this time, but he has put up with insulting the children and mother of his house, but from now on such a situation will not happen, from today it will be a war. He said that the Janasena government is going to be formed in AP, and if he is the CM, he will take the lead of YCP along with the development of the state. He made harsh comments saying that if you speak wrong words, you will be punished. They said that the YCP goons can squeeze my neck with their bare hands, I can’t speak as I like, they have spoken rudely without leaving my personal life and my family. Divorced according to law and paid alimony. First wife Rs. 5 crores, I wrote the property to the second wife, like you, I can’t get married with 30 people. The face of politics is going to change… People soldiers are called to be ready. Did YCP leaders visit Uttarandhra? He asked. Vizag Steel will work without private sector.. Labor union leaders should come forward. I have respect for the BJP and the Prime Minister, but I will not give them a chance? They are spreading the word that attacks have been made on ministers. My team will approach the state governor in this regard. Janasena party leaders should be ready in Telangana state too… Pawan Kalyan suggested that if the party leaders are ready, let’s start the yatra from Kondagattu.


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