Jagan’s government has corrupted all the systems – Babu, Pawan

Hyderabad: TDP chief Chandrababu and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan said that the government has become anarchic in Andhra Pradesh, Jagan government has corrupted all the systems and they will fight against the anti-people policies being followed by the government. The two met at Chandrababu’s residence in Hyderabad on Sunday morning and later spoke to the media. Chandrababu said that by bringing G.O No. 1 in AP, Jagan’s government will take part in the orbital achievements against the opposition. He said that things that cannot happen in democracy happen. He said that they tortured Pawan in Visakhapatnam, now houses have been demolished for giving space to Pawan meeting. He said that he also blocked me in Visakha, he saw the consequences of G.O N0-1 in Visakha beforehand..YCP’s anarchy has reached its peaks said Chandrababu.

Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan:- The government is taking away the rights of the opposition parties. YCP leaders are doing many atrocities.. Instead of going public, the opposition brought G.O N0-1… Plastic flexi ban said..They said they used the same on Jagan’s birthday. Will there be a rule for the YCP, a rule for the opposition? Irrigation Minister does not know about Polavaram? He criticized that YCP knows that it will lose in the next election, and that is why YCP is showing its universality with cases, quarrels and conspiracies. That’s why the anti-government vote is going to be split, Pawan said. This is not the right time to talk about political alliances. He said that when the election comes, all the things will be informed.


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