Jai Shah has been elected as the Chairman of the ICC Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee

Amaravati: The BCCI, which is financially strong for the ICC board, has been criticized for its key words. Jai Shah has been elected as the chairman of the crucial finance and commercial affairs committee of the ICC board. The decision was taken by the ICC Committee at the meeting of the ICC Board of Directors held in Melbourne, Australia. Finance and Commercial Committee Affairs will monitor the financial transactions of thousands of crores conducted by ICC. ICC regulates revenue sharing among member countries. It also oversees the main sponsorship contracts for various series and tournaments entered into by the ICC during the year. Jai Shah is currently the secretary of BCCI. He continues to be the president of the Asian Cricket Council from January 30, 2021.

Greg as ICC Chairman:- Greg Barclay was re-elected as the ICC Chairman. Zimbabwe Cricket Board Chairman Dr Tavengwa Mukuhlani contested for the post. Gregg’s election was unanimous after Tavengwa dropped out of the chairmanship race at the last minute due to the BCCI’s support for Gregg Barclay. Greg is currently the Chairman of the New Zealand Cricket Board. Gregg will continue in this position for another two years.


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