Those who rob the poor will not be spared – PM Modi

Hyderabad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that those who rob the poor will not be spared, poverty is an obstacle to the growth of the poor, and if there is injustice there, the BJP will become stronger. The Prime Minister, who arrived in Hyderabad after starting various development works in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday, addressed the activists in a public meeting organized at the Begumpet Airport. He said that no matter how many cases are filed by the state government, the BJP workers are not afraid and the fight against oppression is continuing in the state. He said that the state government does not care about turmeric farmers. He wished that the corrupt government in the state would go and the BJP government would come. He said that earlier the people had given an assurance to the BJP during the by-election. Satires were made that the state government had settled in a soft spot for a single assembly seat. Communists are accused of being the blockers of development. On the other hand, Munugodu praised the state BJP’s fight in the by-election. Prime Minister Modi sarcastically commented that some are looking for dictionaries to insult him. He said that he will bear it if he and BJP are insulted, but he will not bear it if the people of Telangana face difficulties. He said that he has been cursing for 22 years and that cursing is making him stronger. He said that some pessimists are cursing the same thing and the state rulers know how to cursing him. Will it benefit the farmers of the state if he scolds himself and the BJP? He asked. Modi complained that the Chief Minister, taking ministers into the cabinet and removing them from the cabinet are also doing it with superstitions.


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