Registration of fraudulent votes for MLC teacher election?-Candidates

Nellore: Teachers MLC PDF candidate P. Babu Reddy, Praja Sangha Coordinating Committee convener M. Mohan Rao and others held at Gandhi Bomma Center on Tuesday that the ruling party candidates and corporate owners for the East Rayalaseema MLC teacher election are committing corruption and illegalities and the hundreds of applications found in the Nellore Urban MRO office are proof of this. Accused in Dharna.

During the protest organized at the Ambedkar statue in the local VRC center on Saturday against registration of fraudulent votes, APTF, Rashtriya Upadhyay Pandit Parishad, Bahujan Teachers Association joint candidate N.C Narasimhar Reddy accused. On this occasion, he said that countersigning the applications of corporate bodies at the DEO office at 8 pm is atrocious. RJD demanded immediate suspension of District Incharge DEO Subbarao saying that it is shameful for the DEO to go to the AGM house of Krishna Chaitanya Educational Institutions and sign the signatures.

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