KCR is regularly performing occult worship in the farmhouse with a black cat-sanjay

Hyderabad: BJP state president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar has once again made sensational comments that Chief Minister KCR is not going to the Secretariat only on the advice of Tantrik, but is regularly performing occult pooja with a black cat in the farmhouse. Speaking at a media conference on Saturday, he said that on the advice of KCR and Tantrik, the party’s name was changed from TRS to BRS. He said that a Swamiji had told him about this matter, and after analyzing the works of KCR and the past history, he is revealing this matter with the intention that all the people of the state should know all the facts. Swamijis, Vedic scholars and all those who seek the welfare of the society are begging to save Telangana from KCR’s occult worship.


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