Megastar as Waltheru Veeraiya

Hyderabad: Mega star Chiranjeevi has revealed the title of the film directed by Bobby, starring Ravi Teja as the lead actor and titled ‘Waltheru Veeraiya’ on the occasion of Diwali. The film, which is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers, is currently being shot at a fast pace with the working title Mega 154. The director, Chiranjeevi has already said on several occasions that this movie is going to be full mass. Not content with just the title, small glimpses have also been released for fans. In glimpses, Chiranjeevi was seen in full mass look. Chiranjeevi’s dialogue says that if a bomb explodes while shooting a beedi, the villains will be blown away, and if you want such awesome entertainments, like, share and subscribe at the end. Looking at the glimpses, it seems that the story takes place near the sea. The film unit team has announced that this film will be released on Sankranti.

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