Modi government’s decision to give Dish TV free

Amaravathi: The central government provides various facilities to meet the needs of common people. Along with giving free food grains (ration) to households, now Modi government has decided to give free Dish TV. Modi Sarkar has taken this big decision to improve the condition of government run Doordarshan and All India Radio. Approving a central scheme to boost public sector broadcasting in the country, the central government on Wednesday laid out plans to expand the coverage of All India Radio FM channels to over 80 percent of the population and distribute 8 lakh DD free DISH DTH. It has decided to provide set-top boxes to people living in remote areas.

The government has made it clear that these include areas with tribal populations, areas affected by left-wing extremism and border areas. The cabinet of Modi government has decided to spend Rs.2,539 crore to improve the condition of Doordarshan and All India Radio. It plans to provide free Dish TVs to around 7 lakh households. Center’s plan is to further expand DTH through this scheme. Along with this, DD is planning to completely change the equipment in the old studio and the Obi van. Doordarshan currently operates 36 TV channels including 28 regional ones. It is estimated that there is a possibility of creating indirect employment through related manufacturing and services. The expansion of DD Free Dish also plans to create employment opportunities in the manufacturing of DTH boxes.


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