Ontimitta, the rajasam of Rama in Shivadhanurbhangalkaram

Kadapa: As part of the annual Brahmotsavam of Sri Kodandaramaswamy in Ontimitta, on the morning of the 6th day, Rama’s rajasam in Shivadhanurbhangalakaram entertained the devotees. The procession of Swami was held from 8 o’clock in the morning. While glorifying the Lord with Kerala drums, chekkabhajans and kolats by the devotee groups, the procession of the Lord in the middle of the mangala vadyalu took place in an uproar. Devotees visited the Lord by offering camphorats at every step. Shivadhanurbhangalkaram commemorates the moment when Lord Rama broke Lord Shiva’s villu during Swayamvaram and married Sitamma.On the day of Sitaram’s Kalyanam, Swami looked at the devotees in this adornment.

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